Clemco Wetblast Attachment

We recently demoed the Clemco Wetblast Attachment for one of our customer’s who was using a competitors wet blast injection system. Although the dust suppression was a little less than the customers system, the improvement in production was considerable. Here are the details:

  • 6 cu ft blast machine
  • No. 7 Nozzle w/ Wetblast Attachment
  • Blasting Pressure: 115 psi
  • Abrasive: #4 Fine Green Diamond
  • Cleanliness: Brush Blast
  • Overall Dust Suppression: ~85%

Customer’s Impression: “The Clemco Wetblast Attachment blasts 30-40% faster than the wet injection system we were renting!”

Majority of dust in video comes from what is blown off the ground. There is also a lot of mist that can be seen.