January 2015 Newsletter

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Product Spotlight

New from Defelsko! This tool and free mobile app turns your cell phone or tablet into a virtual PosiTector gauge!

Price: $495.00

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(Probes sold separately)

Universal 4836 Pressure Cabinet

Price: $11,000.00

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Clemtex Corner

News, product updates, helpful articles and information on our engineered systems. See here.

Corner Q&A

Have a question about abrasive blasting or coating? Let our team of experienced engineers help.


Pipe Coating: How fast do I pull?
Coating Flow Rate
Have you ever had trouble figuring out the spray speed when coating the internal diameter (I.D.) of a pipe? Don’t worry, everyone has.
Many perform trial run after trial run to determine the proper speed to pull back their coating tool. In this article we will show you how with a couple of simple calculations and some marks on your hoses as a reference. You can be applying a consistent coating in no time. Continue reading →


Automated/Engineered Equipment Spotlight
A recent automated project was designed to coat the I.D. (internal diameter) of various sized stator pipes. The pipe size ranged from 3″ to 10″ diameter and 10′ to 40′ in length.


A quality finish was of utmost importance to this customer. Also important was ease of setup for the operator. With input of the characteristics of the pipe, the operator only needed to load the pipe and push the start button to coat the stator. The system uses a Binks style C spray extension along with pipe rotation to guarantee a uniform spray pattern on the stator.