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New ZERO Economy Cabinets!

Clemco blast cabinets are now more affordable than ever! Their new line of ZERO Economy Blast Cabinets are perfect for light use in auto shops, art studios, maintenance departments as well as in machine shops, and other industrial applications.

Manufactured in the USA from rugged laser-cut 14-gauge steel, these free-standing cabinets hold larger parts than any bench top-model.

Shop-Mate CabinetShop-Mate Blast Cabinet

Price: $2,895.00

  • Entry-level, intermittent-use cabinet
  • Hopper suction feed
  • 48″ wide x 26″ deep x 26″ high working chamber
  • Dual side doors
  • Flip-up front access panel for loading heavy parts
  • 120 cfm dust bag drum collector to optimize visibility inside cabinet

ZERO INEX CabinetINEX Blast Cabinet

Price: $5290.00

  • Light-duty, intermittent-use cabinet
  • 300 cfm reclaimer with reverse-pulse dust collector
  • Reclaimer increases production by ensuring only clean, properly sized, blast media is used
  • True reverse-pulse dust collector with media reclaimer increases ventilation and aids in visibility inside cabinet

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New Dust Collectors

Also newly released is the CDC line of dust collectors. BNP Cabinets are now available with this dust collector. See more information below.

CDC Dust CollectorsCDC Dust Collectors

Prices Vary

  • Range from 300 to 900 cfm
  • Best suited for light-to-medium duty use cabinets
  • 5-gallon lined dust drum allows optional bag-in bag-out cartridge change
  • Ideal for dealing with dust that contains hazardous waste or unknown materials

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