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How do I set the regulators on a paint tank?

QuestionsCategory: Coating/Painting EquipmentHow do I set the regulators on a paint tank?
Anonymous asked 4 years ago

I have a standard paint pot with two regulators. I never really learned the right way to set the regulators. What should the gauges show? How do I know if I’m going it right?

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JB answered 4 years ago

Start with both regulators at 0psi. Hold the trigger down on the spray gun over a disposable cup/bucket. Slowly increase the pressure on the paint regulator (the one with the down port supplying air to the pressure pot). Stop increasing once you have a stream leaving the spray gun that travels straight for approximately 2-3 inches before arcing down. 
For the air regulator (has your red air hose connected), add air pressure until you have full atomization. Too much atomization pressure leads to excessive overspray and orange peel finish. Check out this video tutorial!

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