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What are the consumables and regular wear items when blasting?

QuestionsCategory: Abrasive BlastingWhat are the consumables and regular wear items when blasting?
Anonymous asked 4 years ago

And what would be an estimated cost per year?

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Brett Staff answered 4 years ago

I have broken down the consumables per each equipment below, however, these prices are based on blasting about 3 days a week and about 4 hours a day. If you are blasting more, then these cost will need to be adjusted.
Consumable Equipment:

  • Nozzles: $840/year
    A nozzle will normally last 100 -150 hours of blasting (half of this time if using aluminum oxide). Assuming you actually only blast 12 hours continuously per week, and the nozzle is taken care of by the operator, one nozzle should last you at least 8 weeks or roughly 6-7 nozzle per year. A nozzle cost around $130-$150 each.
  • Blast Hose: $1,080/year
    A company normally goes through a blast hose every 4-6 months and a blast hose roughly costs around $360 each.
  • Hood Filter Cartridge: $140/year
    A hood filter cartridge needs to be changed at least 3-4 times a year. The filter cartridge costs roughly $35 each.
  • Hood Lens: $650/year
    An operator will go through roughly 5 outer lenses and 1 inner lens per day. Outer lenses are sold in packs of 50 and inner lenses are sold in packs of 10. The outer lens cost about $35 per pack and the inner lens cost about $30 per pack.

Other Equipment Cost:

  • Dust Collector Filter Cartridges: See below
    About once every year or two, you will need to change the filters in the dust collector. Filter cartridges are generally $100-200 each. Make sure that this is multiplied by the number of filtersĀ 
  • Misc. Wear and Tear on Equipment $1,000 per year
    I would add about $1,000 per year just for misc. equipment upkeep for blast machine valve repair, replacement, blast hood replacement parts, etc.
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