Replica Tape: Why you should be measuring peak density

Coating adhesion is extremely important in the coating industry. Proper surface preparation is imperative for maximum adhesion. Thanks to DeFelsko, new technology allows peak density (an important profile characteristic) to be easily measured using standard Press-O-Film replica tape.

One of the most commonly used instruments to determine profile is a micrometer with profile tape. The only measurable data using these two instruments is the peak height (ex: 2.5 mil profile). In a recent article by David Beamish with DeFelsko Corporation, the importance of peak density  is detailed.

Peak density is defined as the number of peaks per unit area (ex: peaks per inch).

Peak Density vs. Peak Height
Both surfaces in the image above have the same peak height (3 mils), but the surface on the right has double the peak density.

PosiTector RTR-P models now give us the ability to easily measure peak density. See the RTR product page for more information!

RTR-P Reading Peak Density