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Clemtex Maintenance Unit

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185CMUD Maintenance unit, Doosan   Add to Cart
185CMUSUL Maintenance unit, Sullair   Add to Cart

Manufacturer: Clemtex


Diesel Engine, Clemtex Maintenance Unit. We developed this unit in 1965. Since then it has proven itself a leader in the field of abrasive blast cleaning. This unit is completely rigged for efficient, economical abrasive blast cleaning. The unit includes a 300 lb. capacity easy load abrasive machine, remote controls, moisture separator, approved air fed hood, sandblast hose, charcoal filter, air regulator assembly, and lockable tool storage box.

These units are available with 185 or 375 cfm air compressors and with 300 or 600 lb. capacity easy load abrasive machine.

This quality piece of equipment is perfect for small or medium size jobs requiring fast set-up time and quick job completion. Versatile use of fine, medium or coarse abrasive provides a wide range of jobs from graffiti removal, masonry cleaning or heavy rust scale removal. This unit is easily towed to jobsite with truck carrying abrasive. A jack is standard equipment for level independent operation. Loading platform and lo-pot makes abrasive loading quick and easy.

No competitor can match the Clemtex Maintenance Unit for efficient and economical abrasive blast cleaning!!! Let us demonstrate or build one for you.

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Clemtex Maintenance Unit Included Items

Image Part # Description    
- 185 cfm compressor 
3 cu. ft. blast machine w/ remote controls 23766
3 cu. ft. blast machine w/ remote controls Add to Cart
Blast hose, 50'x1" w/ connections CSH501CQCHE Blast hose, 50'x1" w/ connections Add to Cart
#5 nozzle, 5/16" orifice 01386
#5 nozzle, 5/16" orifice$189.00 Add to Cart
Airline filter F17800M1DA Airline filter$231.00 Add to Cart
Nova 3 Respirator, 28" cape NV3-702-50
Nova 3 Respirator, 28" cape Add to Cart
Cool-air tube 4000-01
Cool-air tube$92.44 Add to Cart
Radex Airline Filter 04-900
Radex Airline Filter$298.33 Add to Cart
50' Breathing Air Supply Hose NV2029 50' Breathing Air Supply Hose$136.37 Add to Cart
Blast machine cover 02335
Blast machine cover$86.00 Add to Cart

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