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Bullard 88VX Respirator

Manufacturer: Bullard
MPN: 88VX3230



The Bullard 88VX Series airline respirators, when properly used, provide a continuous flow of air from a remote air source to the respirator wearer. 88VX Series respirators offer protection from airborne contaminants that are not immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH), or that do not exceed concentrations allowed by applicable OSHA, EPA, NIOSH, ACGIH, or other regulatory standards and recommendations.

88VX Series airline respirators are approved by NIOSH (TC-19C-293 Type C and CE) to provide respiratory protection in general purpose applications including heavy- and light-duty abrasive blasting, and Type C and CE painting applications. The protective helmet meets ANSI Standard Z89.1-2003 Type 1 Class C requirements for protective headwear for industrial workers. The cape is designed to protect the worker’s body from abrasive rebound.

88VX Series respirators are compatible with breathing air sources such as breathing air compressors or Bullard Free-Air® Pumps. Bullard offers the appropriate approved breathing tube assembly and air supply hose to connect the 88VX Series respirator to these breathing air sources.

88VX Series respirators are approved by NIOSH for use with optional climate control devices offered by Bullard.

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