As an OEM and integrator, Clemtex has designed machinery and control systems for plant and factory automation since 1992. Our field experiences provide the necessary knowledge to serve a variety of industries and applications.

Our focus includes supplying our customers with process control and instrumentation solutions utilizing PLCs, Drives, and HMI systems.

Automation services

Plant Floor & Factory Automation

Process Integration

PLC & HMI Program

Legacy System Upgrades

CAD – 2D & 3D Drawing
and Planning

Project Management

On-site Installation,
Testing and Training

On-site and Remote

Areas of Expertise

Solids transfer and distribution


  • Dense phase and lean phase recovery of fluidized materials
  • Use of pneumatic driven vacuum producers, motor powered cyclones and air pressure vessels
  • Medias include powders and granular products (abrasive and non-abrasive)
  • Recovery/recycling and separation of particle size
  • Controlled transfer rate of material in a process


  • Dense phase recovery of heavy material
  • Use of augers, belt conveyors and bucket elevators
  • Medias include abrasives, shot, metallic and non-metallic
  • Recovery/recycling and separation through screening, sieving and air wash


  • Media recovery and/or metering for surface preparation
  • Inventory and dispensing of materials in chemical process areas
Fluids transfer and distribution


  • Pressure tanks (2 quart to 60 gallon capacity)
  • Diaphragm and piston pumps for fast distribution


  • Gear pumps for precise distribution
  • Electric piston pumps for high pressure distribution
  • Peristaltic pumps for highest precision distribution


  • Batch mixing processes
  • Precise coating of parts (spray booths and coating lines)
  • Precise coating of internal diameter tubes (pipe, stators, risers, etc.)
  • Inventory and dispensing of materials in hazardous areas
Motion control


  • Piston cylinders for lifting and clamping
  • 90deg actuators for valve manipulation


  • Motor starters for 1PH and 3PH motors
  • Variable frequency drives for 3PH inductive motors
  • Servo drives for pulse and servo motors


  • Limit switching with use of physical contracts, inductive sensing switches and photoelectric switches
  • Linear position feedback using incremental and absolute encoders
  • Vertical position feedback using incremental and absolute encoders
  • PID loop attenuation and drive speed control
Control system design, programming and integration


  • Custom designed to customers’ needs
  • Control panels and process instrumentation to meet area classifications
  • Touch-screen or push button controls
  • Detailed process and electrical drawings
  • Systems optimized with intuitive operator interface

    Programming and integration

  • Programming designed for easy system expansion
  • Turnkey field installation
  • Communication with other control systems
  • Optional remote and cloud connectivity
Process instrumentation


  • Position - limit switches
  • Level – probes and float valves
  • Weight – load cell and stain gauge
  • Pressure – pneumatic and fluid measurement
  • Flow – Gear and paddle gauges
  • Temperature – Probe, thermocouple and thermowell measurement
  • Surface treatment – surface profile and coating thickness


  • Position – Inductive, photoelectric and laser
  • Level – radar and ultra sonic sensing
  • Flow – Coriolis and ultra sonic sensing
  • Temperature – inferred transmitting
  • Environmental – atmospheric dew point, temperature and relative humidity
Data collection

    Logging and reporting

  • Motor and process timers for life information
  • Process instrumentation values
  • Preventative maintenance reporting
  • Warnings and alarms

    Minsphere connectivity - cloud-based IoT solutions

  • Data visualization
  • Units and metrics
  • Built to be scaled easily and deployed quickly