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I.D. Pipe Coating Speed Calculator

This calculator is used to find the speed needed when spraying the internal diameter of a pipe. This assumes 1 pass (usually from back to front). The internal diameter of pipe can be sprayed with various tools. Please see our I.D. Coating Equipment page to see your options.

Directions on how to calculate the flow volume and time can be found here.

how to calculate


Pipe Internal Diameter: in
Pipe Length: ft
Flow Volume: US oz
Flow Time: seconds
Dry Film Thickness: mils
Coating Solids: %
Transfer Efficiency*: %


Wet Film
5.6 mils
Speed: 0.7 ft/sec
1 ft of travel in 1.4 sec
Time to travel
length of pipe:
27.5 sec
Coating Volume: 15 US oz/pipe
0.11 US gal/pipe

*Transfer efficency is very hard to calculate. We must assume that some of the coating gets lost as overspray. An acceptable number to use is 95%.

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