Clemtex Portable Blast Rooms

Clemtex Portable Blast Rooms

The pre-assembled blast room is built on a rigid structural-steel floor. The construction features 3/16" steel walls and ceiling, full-height and full-width work doors, and air inlets with baffles. A built-in, high capacity dust collector featuring self-cleaning cartridges provides 70 feet per minute of cross-sectional air velocity. The system requires 250 SCFM @ 100 psig of dry, clean, compressed air.

Blast Room

  • 3/16" all welded steel construction
  • Baffled exhaust to dust collector
  • Air inlet plenums
  • Fluorescent light fixtures (6 each)
  • Safety switch mounted on inlet doors
  • Automatic cleaning air pulse cartridge style dust collector
  • 2 to 1 air to cloth ratio across filters
  • All equipment mounted on heavy duty steel skid

Blast Machine

  • ASME code blast machine
  • NIOSH approved remote control
  • Precise abrasive metering valve
  • 1" blast hose assembly with fittings
  • 5/16" or 3/8" high production venturi blast nozzle
  • Twinline remote control hose with safety operating valve

Operator Safety Equipment

  • NIOSH approved blast hood with vortex cooling tube
  • Activated charcoal and particulate filter
  • Carbon monoxide monitor alarm system
  • NIOSH approved breathing hose
  • Leather blast gloves
  • Extra lens, gaskets, washers

Control Panel

  • Prewired control panel 230V or 460V with dust collector, photohelic gauge and timer board
  • Safety shut off solenoid located on doors

Optional Accessories

  • 1500# capacity portable work cart with track inside room and 8' outside room
  • Programmable PLC to monitor system conditions for safety shut down
  • Cyclone reclaim equipment
  • Mechanical reclaim equipment
  • HEPA Filter for Blower
  • Silencer for Blower
  • Rubber-lined Walls
  • Rubber-lined Cyclone

Available Literature

CBR10822 Detailed Specifications