Bundle I.D. Coating Lance System

Bundle I.D. Coating Lance System


Oilfield equipment manufacturing

Coating the I.D. (internal diameter) of various sized pipes. From 3" to 12" diameter and from 10' to 40' in length. 

Equipment Solution:
The customer receives the pipe in bundles and wanted to coat them without taking apart the bundles. Clemtex designed a system that could index side-to-side and up and down to meet these requirements. Since the pipe was in bundles, the individual pipes could not be rotated which made it necessary for our coating lance to spray in a 360° pattern.  Our lance would travel to the opposite end of the pipe and start coating the I.D. as the lance was retracted from the pipe.

Part Handling:
The bundles were set onto racks using a fork lift or crane.  Once in place, our system could be indexed so that the 360° spray would match the center of the pipe.

Advantages & Selling Features:
Using a cart and track system, our lance could travel in and out of the pipe.  The cart and track were mounted on Hydraulic lifts which were mounted on a separate cart and track system to allow the lance to index side-to-side.  Using these features, we satisfied the customers need to coat the I.D. of pipe while still in bundles.  

Special Options:
An airless pump with automatic valves was supplied to allow the coating process to proceed without the need of stopping to refill a tank.  Sensors were mounted on the track to stop the coating process once the cart had reached the home position.


Unit Size:
Cart: 3' x 3' including a 50' coating lance.
Track: 50' long x 3' wide with the ability to travel 48" horizontally and 40" vertically. At the home position, the unit is ~3' high.

HDCBX360-3 SpinCoater
30:1 Airless Pump