Rotor Blasting Unit

Rotor Blasting Unit



Oilfield equipment manufacturing

De-scaling and providing a deep anchor profile to the OD (outer diameter) of various sized drilling rotors. From 2”-10” diameter and from 6’ to 30’ long.

Equipment Solution:
The customer required a production rate of 10 joints per 8 hour shift. Clemtex determined that one 5/16” pressure blast nozzle with a 6 ft3 blast machine would meet the production requirements and air specifications. Another requirement by the customer was the rotors not be touched on their outer surface at any time during operation. Due to this “no-touch” policy, Clemtex could not use the standard pipe-on-roller design that is commonly used for OD blasting applications. The final design is much like a lathe. A head stock on one end and a traversing tail stock on the other end secure the part horizontally while a cabinet mounted to a moving track moves along the rotor to blast the OD.

Part Handling:
To cut costs, loading of the rotor into the system is done manually by an overhead crane. Once the rotor is in place by the crane, the tail stock is actuated by the operator to lock the part into place. After locked, the crane strap is removed and the rotor is ready to be blasted.

Advantages & Selling Features:
Due to the lathe-type design, Clemtex satisfied the customers “no-touch” policy on the surface of the rotors. This design also allowed for minimal floor space required in the customers shop. The system achieves a uniform profile and exceeds the customers required production rate. The 1800 cfm reclaimer allows optimal use of abrasive and keeps a steady negative pressure on the cabinet allowing minimal dust to escape.

Special Options:
Optical sensors mounted on each end of the unit allow the cabinet to stop automatically when the cabinet has reached the end of the rotor.  The cabinet walls and reclaimer are rubber lined to extend the life of the unit.
4’ x 6’ x ~5’ cabinet with a sloped bottom to feed abrasive to reclaimer. Two 12” holes allow the part to pass through the cabinet as the cabinet traverses down the track.

Aluminium Oxide

1800 cfm rubber lined

Dust Collector:
1800 cfm custom fabricated on top of cabinet


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