RPB Radex

RPB Radex

This product has been discontinued and replaced with the GX4 Gas Monitor.


What makes the RPB® unit unique? advanced traceability. See exactly what’s happening in your plant. RPB® software lets you view and download data showing alarms, carbon monoxide level and temperature. Click in real time and see what is happening up to the minute. The unit will hold up to two years’ information. The RPB® RADEX CO MONITOR guarantees the unit is working, and data recording provides total traceability.

Calibration Check

The step-by-step calibration is totally fail-safe. Operators press CAL CHECK, then OK to be stepped through the Calibration Check. The calibration is stored in the on board memory and changes can only be made by a factory-approved technician. The RADEX CO MONITOR can be as simple or as high-specification as you need.


The RPB® RADEX CO MONITOR is incased in a tough polypropylene case. The front panel is a mylar film to withstand the harsh conditions. Control buttons are tactile and will withstand 1,000,000 presses.

Unit Options

02-800 Monitor c/w 12 volt power adapter, RPB® software, USB cable and supply hose. 02-801 Monitor c/w 6ft battery cable, RPB® software, USB cable and supply hose. The unit can be mounted on a RPB® RADEX AIRLINE FILTER or wall mounted using 08-231 aluminium wall bracket.

Protection Against The Invisible Killer

How can you be certain your unit is working? The design team at RPB® has designed a unique CO Monitor that’s easy to use and has advanced traceability features for ultimate peace of mind. 

Alarm Options

The RPB® RADEX CO MONITORTM is fitted with a buzzer alarm as standard. This alarm can be supported with one or more options that connect to the 12 volt output. - Strobe Warning Light - air Horn - Siren - normally, open solenoid that can shut compressed air to equipment when alarming - normally, closed solenoid that opens air supply to the respirators when the RPB® RADEX CO MONITORTM is turned on, this solenoid will pulsate the air supply when alarming.

Easy To Use

  1. Connect Power
  2. Connect air Supply
  3. Turn On