Bundle I.D. Blasting System

Bundle I.D. Blasting System



The system blasts the I.D. of 2”-16” diameter pipe and a length up to 40’. The system may be setup to achieve all ranges of cleanliness. Hydraulic pipe lifters load and eject the pipe onto and off of the work station where the pipe is rotated and blasted. The system could also be setup to blast entire bundles of pipe without unstacking them.

Equipment Solution:
This system was designed to blast 2-15 joints per hour to the desired cleanliness. The system uses a lance with angle nozzle mounted on an electric driven cart. Rollers and pipe lifters were used to transfer the pipe. The cart and cart track is mounted on a track system that can traverse side-to-side as well as up and down. This allows a bundle of pipe to be placed on the racks to get blasted. When blasting a bundle of pipe, a holoblast tool is used so that the entire circumference of the pipe can be blasted. For this system, the customer provided their existing blast machine, hoses, and reclaim equipment.

Part Handling:
The customer positions the pipe on the loading rack. The system then loads, blasts and ejects the pipe onto an exit rack. When a bundle needs to be blasted, the entire bundle is placed together on the entrance racks. The operator then uses the control stand to move the lance from pipe to pipe.

Advantages & Selling Features:
The cart is controlled by a variable speed drive to offer consistent cleaning speeds. The entire system can be controlled by one operator.



Lance Details:
1-1/4” I.D. schedule 80 pipe x 50’ long

Blast Equipment:
Custom angle nozzle, 5/16” orifice
Holloblast tool for bundles of pipe
Electrical controls to operate existing blast machine

Control Panel/Electrical:
480V three phase
Push button controls
Variable speed drive for cart drive

Conveying Equipment:
Hydraulic pump and cylinders for pipe lifters
Wheels with electric motors for pipe rotation