Elcometer 108 Hydraulic (HATE)

Elcometer 108 Hydraulic (HATE)

The Elcometer 108 Hydraulic Adhesion Tester is an extremely versatile gauge which can be used for many adhesion requirements. Tests can be made on flat or curved (concave and convex) surfaces.

The Elcometer 108 is the ideal gauge for coatings on Tanks, Pipelines, etc.

  • Hand-Powered and portable
  • Ideal for site work
  • Reusable stainless steel dollies

Elcometer Digital Adhesion Gauge features:

  • Maximum hold - displays the highest value reached
  • Backlit display for dark areas
  • Rubber protective casing
  • Switchable Metric/Imperial units.

The Elcometer 108 can be used with convex and concave dollies, making this the gauge for adhesion of coatings on all pipelines including those with small diameter, tanks and other curved surfaces. There is a wide range of curved dollies available, each designed for a specific range of curvature.

Concave and convex dollies designed to meet specific curvatures are available upon request.