The Clemco CALIPSO Ambient Air Pump, is a cost-effective alternative to a breathing-air compressor. It provides an oil-free air supply for low-pressure, type CE, supplied-air respirators used for abrasive blasting or for any NIOSH-approved continuous flow hood or helmet-style respirator approved to operate with 8 cfm at 10 psi or less.

The Clemco CALIPSO Ambient Air Pump conveys breathing air from a clean environment outside the work area to a low-pressure (LP model) type CE supplied-air respirator worn by an operator inside the blast environment or work zone. The oil-less pump moves the air from a clean-air environment to the respirator without introducing oil or other contaminants.

To increase its effective range, the ambient air pump can be connected to an optional remote air intake kit — which allows the air intake to be located up to 300 feet from the pump. An optional elevated air intake raises the intake three feet above the pump.


• Eliminates expense of breathing air compressor

• Eliminates danger of carbon monoxide poisoning caused when high temperatures break down a compressor’s lubricants

• Requires no temperature alarms or additional air line filters

• Hand portable

• Easy to operate and maintain

• Can be used as air source for other respirators that operate with 8 cfm at 10 psi


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