Custom Automated Conveying Equipment



Customer required automatic mixing batches of various materials based on weight.  The percentage of material varied from batch to batch.  Operators were manually weighing material and adding to each batch.

Equipment Solution:
An automatic batching and conveying system was designed.  System required operator to enter desired weight in digital control display.  System would vacuum load required materials into a batch vessel where each material was weighed then conveyed to a batch storage bin.

Part Handling:
Operator enters batch values in a touch screen. Operator requires no part handling.

Advantages & Selling Features:
Completely automated system that provide exceptional accurate batch with chance of human error as well as no chance of personnel injury or strain due to material handling.


Skid Size:
5’ wide x 8’ long x 10’ high tubular frame

Aggregate ranging from 1/8” to 200 mesh

ASME code 150 psig pressure vessel
Pneumatic actuated valves
Shear beam load cell
Pneumatic vacuum producer

Digital touch screen control
110 Volt single phase

Dust Collector:
Cartridge style with automatic air pulse cleaning