I.D. Stator Coating Unit

I.D. Stator Coating Unit


Oilfield equipment manufacturing

Coating the I.D. (internal diameter) of various sized stators/pipes. From 2" to 24" diameter and up to 30' in length. 

System Details:
With input of the characteristcs of the pipe, the operator only needed to load the pipe and push the start button to coat the stator. The system uses a Binks style C spray extension along with the pipe rotating to guarantee a uniform spray pattern on the stator. A custom Global Finishing exhaust chamber is used to catch overspray.

Part Handling:
Before loading, the length, diameter, and spray speed are input into the operator control panel. The system will then adjust to the proper height, as well as know where to start and finish spraying. Then, the operator loads the pipe onto the system via an overhead crane. At this point, the operator hits the start button and the system sprays the pipe.

Extemely simple setup and quality spray finish. 


Unit Size:
Cart: 2' x 2' including a 30' coating lance.
Track: 35' long x 2' wide
Pipe Rack: 30' in length with rollers to roll the pipe during spraying, suspended by jack stands to adjust in height so the pipes centerline would always be in line with the coating lance

Binks style C extension
Binks 5 gallon paint pot