Binks Mach 1 HVLP

Binks Mach 1 HVLP

The Binks MACH 1 HVLP gun is a top quality high performance air spray gun. You only have to pick it up to feel the difference. Its superbly balanced forged aluminum body offers the operator extra comfort and control. All of the gun’s components are machined and finished to exacting tolerances and only the best materials are used, ensuring years of peak efficiency.

The MACH 1 HVLP airspray gun has special nozzles and modifications that allow it to operate at high transfer efficiencies in compliance with the “California South Coast Air Quality Management District” regulations as a “high volume, low pressure” airspray gun.

The air inlet passage in the gun body incorporates a venturi which limits airflow. High pressure, low volume airflow is converted to high volume, low pressure at this point. Special air and fluid nozzles enable the gun to atomize fluid at low air pressures and velocities, creating the “soft spray” effect for high transfer efficiencies.

To obtain optimum performance from your new MACH 1 HVLP airspray gun, read all instructions carefully.

Part Number:Â 6202
Gun Category: HVLP
Gun Type:
Fluid Passages:
Stainless Steel
Fluid Inlets:
3/8" NPS (m)
Air Inlet:
¼" NPS (m)
20.1 oz
Drop-Forged Aluminum
Repair Kits:
Mach 1 Repair Kit (54-3605)

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