XM Plural Component Sprayers

XM Plural Component Sprayers

Precise ratio assurance in a fully configurable system.

Engineered to handle the toughest protective coatings, the Graco XM Plural-Component Sprayer provides precise ratio control, allows users to download historical spraying data, and handles a wide range of two-component materials.

At the heart of the ratio control is Graco's advanced dosing technology. The major component is constantly flowing while the minor component is injected at higher pressures. Advanced sensing technology allows pumps to compensate for pressure fluctuations, resulting in accurate, on-ratio mixing for better yield and less waste.

Ideally suited for marine, bridge, rail and wind energy applications, the Graco XM is fully configurable for your specific coatings job. Start with a base unit. Then select the accessories you need. You get exactly what you need. No more. No less.

XM Plural-Component Sprayers
Mixed Ratio Range 1:1-10:1 (in 0.1 increments)
Ratio Tolerance Range (before alarm) +/- 5%
Minimum Flow Rate 1 qt/min
Maximum Flow Rate 3 gal/min
Fluid Viscosity Range 200-20,000 cps (Heavier viscosities can be mixed using heat, circulation, and/or pressure feeding)
Fluid Filtration 60 mesh, standard on pump outlets (filter assembly not included on some models), Alternative 30 mesh screens included
Air Inlet 3/4 npt(f)
Fluid inlets without feed kits 1 1/4 npt(m)
50:1 Maximum Fluid Working Pressure of mixed material 5200 psi
70:1 Maximum Fluid Working Pressure of mixed material 6300 psi
Maximum Fluid Temperature 160° F
Air Supply Pressure Range 50-150 psi
50:1 Maximum pump air set pressure 100 psi
70:1 Maximum pump air set pressure 90 psi
Maximum pump inlet fluid feed pressure 250 psi
Maximum Air Consumption 70 scfm per gpm (at 100 psi in scfm)
Air Filtration 40 micron main filter, 5 micron control air filter
Ambient Operating Temperature Range 32 to 130° F
Ambient Storage Temperature Range 30 to160° F
Environmental Conditions Rating Indoor/outdoor use, Altitude up to 4000 m, Maximum Relative humidity to 99% up to 130° F, Pollution Degree (11), Installation category (2)
Sound Pressure 86 dBA at 100 psi
Sound Power 98 dBA at 100 psi
Weight Base sprayer (XM1A00 and XM5A00 models) 742 lb (add component weights to base sprayer weight for your specific model weight)
Wetted parts
Suction Tubes Aluminum
Flush Pump Carbide, PTFE, stainless steel, UHMWPE
Hoses Nylon
Pumps (A and B) Carbon steel, alloy steel, 303, 440, 17-ph grades stainless steel, zinc and nickel plating, ductile iron, tungsten carbide, PTFE
Metering Valves Carbon Steel, nickel plating, carbide, polyethylene, leather
Manifold Carbon steel, nickel plating, carbide, 302 stainless steel, PTFE, UHMWPE
Mixer Stainless steel housing with acetal elements