BRECO Recovery Systems

BRECO Recovery Systems

Full mechanical reclaim system with various configurations. Single screw, H, U, and full floor. Systems include bucket elevator, abrasive classifier, and hopper. Dust collector and floor configurations are to customer's specifications.

Below is an example of a system with a single cross screw. Main image shows a U configuration and secondary image shows a room with a full floor reclaim.

Standard Equipment Specifications and Features:


  • Fabricated of 10 ga steel and painted with a 2-coat system, gray
  • Maintenance access doors
  • Removable bearing plates on both sides of boot.
  • Intermediate casing sections are welded solid, preventing dust and media loss
  • Access door for belt and bucket inspection
  • Elevator belt constructed of 3-ply reinforced, corded rubber, 7/16” thick, 5” wide and rated at 1,250 lbs.
  • Elevator buckets made of ductile iron
  • Elevator head section has removable top cover for belt installation and inspection.
  • Belt pulleys are crowned and rubber lagged.
  • Opcon safety switch to prevent elevator damage in case of malfunction
  • Drive unit consists of a shaft mounted gear reducer (40:1) driven by a 2h.p. electric motor, drawing 3.4 amps

One (1) - high efficiency, high capacity;

  • Stainless steel #4 mesh rotary screen driven by a shaft mounted reducer (56:1) with a 2h.p. motor, drawing 3.4 amps
  • 7” hose for large trash removal
  • 4” hose for fines trash removal
  • 24” wide air wash section
  • Adjustable metering and skimmer plates
  • Adjustable air velocity slide gate

Storage Hopper:
One (1) 40 cu. Ft. Storage hopper;

  • Fabricated of 10 ga steel
  • Trash box with access panel
  • Single outlet with slide gate shut off
  • Painted with 2-coat system, gray
  • Caged man ladder bolted to front of hopper. The legs are anchored to concrete pad with adjustable feet.
  • Handrails anchored to top of hopper and bolted to top of ladder.
  • Handrails and ladder will be painted “safety yellow”

Cross Screw:

  • Customer specified length
  • 9” diameter
  • ¼” flighting
  • Polyurethane bushings
  • 2” flange bearings
  • Shed/metering plates
  • Screws are suspended in a trough made of 10 ga steel
  • 3h.p. screw drive assembly with 56:1 gear reducer, drawing 4.8amps
  • Drives are shaft mounted.  No chains or sprockets anywhere in the system
  • Every conveyor has its own drive

Floor Grating:

  • Used to cover cross screw and elevator pit
  • Grating rated at 650 #/ft2

Dust Collector:
Cartridge type, down flow dust collector
Sized to customer's specifications

  • Fabricated of 3/16” plate
  • Angle iron support structure
  • Painted with 2-coat system, grey
  • Pulse air blow-down
  • Timer board enclosure is all-weather proof
  • Filter efficiency 99.5% @ 0.5 micron
  • 2:1 or better air to cloth ratio
  • 6” butterfly valves for dust removal
  • Blower
  • Drum covers with foam rubber seal
  • Legs equipped with “x” bracing for stability

Control Panel:            (480v)

  • One (1) pre-wired and interlocked NEMA 12 enclosure
  • Starters with overload protection
  • Light up push buttons
  • Schematic
  • Hour meter
  • Emergency stop button
  • Main line disconnect