D Series

D Series

Blasting by-products are collected in a series of vertically mounted, closed end, dust bags suspended on a spring mounted holder. The dust bags are housed in a metal cabinet constructed of high quality steel, with a corrosion resistant enamel finish. Dust is shaken from the bags by a high frequency vibrator mounted on the bag holder. Standard control of the shaker mechanism is by a manually operated air switch, or by an optional automatic shaker control. Dust removed by the shaking process is deposited in the dust sump. Dust and blasting by-products are easily removed for disposal by a slide valve located at the bottom of the sump.

D-10 Pull Through (700cfm):

  • 42" w x 25" d x 80" h
  • 1 hp motor
  • Manual pneumatic bag shaker
  • 25 dust bags (11-349)

D-20 Pull Through (900cfm):

  • 52" w x 33" d x 80" h
  • 2 hp motor
  • Manual pneumatic bag shaker
  • 49 dust bags (11-349)

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