Elcometer 106 Pull Off

Elcometer 106 Pull Off

The Elcometer 106 Adhesion Tester is easy to operate and fully portable, and provides a numerical value for adhesion. Applications include paint or plasma spray on bridge decking, coatings on steel, aluminium, concrete etc.

  • Supplied in a carry case - ideal for site tests
  • Hand operated - no need for a power supply
  • Includes a cutter for EN13144 and ISO 4624 tests

Test Method

A test dolly is bonded to the coating using an adhesive. The 106 houses a spring arrangement which applies a lift force to the dolly as the tension is increased.

When the coating is pulled off the surface, an indicator on the scale shows the numerical value of adhesion expressed in terms of the force per unit area required to remove the dolly.

Inspection of the dolly face is required to determine the failure mode.

To increase sensitivity at low values or for uneven surfaces, a 40mm (1.52”) dolly is available. When using the 40mm (1.52”) dolly, divide the scale reading by 4.

Available Literature

Data Sheet
Instructions Manual