Bullard ADP20

Bullard ADP20

The only air-driven ambient air pump that can power a climate control device.

The convenient air-driven ADP20 Free-Air pump is an ideal alternate air source for supplied-air respirator users. The ADP20 is the best choice for users working in locations without an electrical power source (but compressed air is available). Alternatively, the ADP20 is also ideal for potentially explosive work environments that would require a costly, explosion-proof electrical motor.

Expensive carbon monoxide alarms may not be required as air from the drive compressor is not transferred to the worker. Rather, the pump should be located at a source of clean, fresh, ambient air which is filtered to remove certain particulates and then transferred to the worker. Compressed air at a minimum volume of 85 cfm at 95 psig (2407 lpm at 655 kPa) is used only as an energy source.

The powerful ADP20 pump is not only versatile but allows the use of a Bullard personal air conditioner to provide additional worker comfort and productivity. The pump provides 30 cfm of air operating at 5 psig (850 lpm at 34.5 kPa). Maximum pressure output is 25 psig (172.4 kPa).

Used without a personal air conditioner, the ADP20 pump can supply a continuous flow of air to up to six workers wearing supplied-air masktype respirators or up to four workers wearing supplied-air hood-style respirators.

For enhanced worker comfort, the ADP20 can supply air to one worker using the Bullard Frigitron® 2000 Series personal air conditioner in conjunction with a Bullard CC20 or 88 Series hood-style respirator. The Frigitron can lower the temperature of the air supplied to the respirator hood by as much as 20°F (11°C) resulting in a more comfortable and productive worker.