Custom Low Pressure Conveying Equipment

Custom Low Pressure Conveying Equipment

Locomotive Engine Sand Box Loader



Customer required a process to load abrasive into a train engine traction box that require minimal labor and stain on the operator.

Equipment Solution:
An automatic loading system that an operator could easily inject abrasive into an engine traction box consisting of a bulk hopper that could access abrasive in 3000# bulk bags, and a pressure vessel with automatic controls.

Part Handling:
Operator opens valve on bulk hopper allowing abrasive to freely flow into pressure vessel.  Operator places injection nozzle that is connected to the pressure vessel by a static dissipating material hose into the traction box.  Operator depresses a control valve attached to the injection nozzle and fills the traction box.

Advantages & Selling Features:
System requires no heavy handling by the operator resulting in much less chance of injury.  Filling time of the traction control box in accomplish in one quarter the original time.


Skid Size:
6’ wide x 6’ long x 12’ high tubular frame

20/50 mesh abrasive

ASME code 150 psig pressure vessel
Pneumatic actuated valves
50 CF storage hopper

Compressor Air Requirment:
200 scfm @ 60 psig