I.D. Blasting Unit, Rotating Lance

I.D. Blasting Unit, Rotating Lance



A basic lance system designed to blast the interior of pipe from 5-12” I.D.

Equipment Solution:
This system was designed to blast 3-10 joints per hour to a commercial blast. The system uses a lance with angle nozzle mounted on an electric driven cart. In this case, the customer provided their existing blast machine and hoses.

Part Handling:
The customer was responsible for the positioning of the pipe.

Advantages & Selling Features:
The cart is controlled by a variable speed drive to offer consistent cleaning speeds. The entire system can be controlled by one operator.



Lance Details:
1-1/4” I.D. schedule 80 pipe x 25’ long

Blast Equipment:
HD Spinblast Tool for lance rotation
Custom angle nozzle, 2 x 5/16” orifices
Electrical controls to operate existing blast machine

Control Panel/Electrical:
220V single phase
Push button controls
Variable speed drive for cart drive