Air Movers

Air Movers

Air Filtration for Better Breathing

When workers are breathing the air that has passed through the air movers, Texas Pneumatic has made available products to improve the environmental conditions. Dust collection bags are able to catch the larger suspended particles and contain them from floating beyond the top of the air horn. An Arrow Pneumatic's filter can be used to filter can be used to filter the air coming from the compressed air source. The compressed air may be contaminated with an oil content exceeing 5ppm. By using one of the high efficiency systems from Arrow, it ensures an air quality index of .015ppm.

As a cautionary note, strict precaustions may be required involving the use of any air mover in gas freeing, prevention of tank collapse, tank entry and tank cleaning where any volatile or poisonous fumes are present. Compressed air or saturated steam is the power source for this air mover. It operates on the venturi principle whereby you take small volumes of high velocity air (from the compressed air source) through the casting and out the nozzle jets, creating a venturi action or pulling action that induces large volumes of low velocity air through the venturi and out the air diffuser.

A 1-1/2" hose is recommended from your air supply source to the side inlet connection. The compressor size required can be determined by checking the chart on air consumed at various inlet pressures. Operate this air mover on air or steam lines limited to 140psi.

Inlet Pressure
  60 psig 80 psig 100 psig
  Total Air Flow (cfm)
TX3AMS 863 1076 1205
TX3AM 1135 1308 1465
TX6AM 2560 3020 3698
TX8AM 4215 4810 5435
TX10AM 6182 7304 8220
  Air Consumed (scfm)
TX3AMS 31 41 51
TX3AM 31 41 51
TX6AM 60 81 101
TX8AM 108 142 178
TX10AM 189 252 380