Simplicity, safety, reliability and performance— those were our design goals when we engineered SuperBlast portables. Many years on tough jobs, such as removing corrosion, preparing surfaces for coating and maintaining heavy equipment, hoave proved that SuperBlast portables deliver exceptional value in the field.

These rugged systems are the product of ingenuity and experience; they combine a host of standard features designed to boost productivity and profits. In addition, they can be ordered in a variety of configurations, including your choice of pneumatic or electric remote controls, a complete OSHA package and a full line of accessories.

SuperBlast makes short work of big projects; and small jobs are a snap. For the best blasting results, nothing beats SuperBlast.

The Sure-Flo® Grit Valve

One reason for the popularity of SuperBlast is our patented Sure-Flo grit valve. The media path through the valve is straight down, assuring dependable flow. Abrasive media contacts only one part, a gum-rubber pinch tube. Not only is the tube exceptionally long lasting, it’s also inexpensive and simple to replace, meaning you enjoy more productive time and virtually maintenance-free operation. Various tube sizes are available to precisely match your application.

Operating Control Systems

Empire gives you the choice of two control systems. Both are available with either pneumatic or electric remote controls. Your local Empire distributor can provide additional details.

"780" Controls—Vessel remains pressurized, but stops blasting when you release the remote controls. This system is best for spot blasting. It also conserves compressed air and speeds up restarts.

"680" Controls—Vessel depressurizes when the remote controls are released. This system enables the pot to refill automatically when equipped with an overhead storage hopper.

A Full Range of Accessories

Empire offers a complete line of operator protective equipment that meets all current safety standards. Respirator hoods can be fed by an ambient air pump or compressed air.

We supply a wide variety of blast nozzles with different orifices, internal linings and protective jackets. As a result, you can optimize air use and spray patterns, match nozzle linings to your application, and provide operators with a comfortable fit. Always ask for genuine Empire nozzles and equipment.

Blast-Room Pressure Vessel

Empire manufactures a pressure vessel designed specifically for blasting in a room. This SuperBlast model is equipped with a solenoid for connection to the user's door interlock system. It includes an exhaust valve with tank coupling for connection to the user's exhaust hose, Empire 680 remote controls and sight plugs to facilitate internal vessel inspection.