Breco Dust Collectors

Breco Dust Collectors

Cartridge Type, Down Flow Dust Collector

All collectors are made-to-order. Customer must provide room size and desired air velocity in feet per minute (fpm).

  • Fabricated of 3/16” plate
  • Angle iron support structure
  • Painted with 2-coat system
  • Pulse air blow-down
  • Timer board enclosure is all-weather proof
  • Filter efficiency 99.5% @ 0.5 micron
  • Butterfly valves for dust removal
  • Blower with appropriately sized motor
  • Drum covers with foam rubber seal
  • Legs equipped with “x” bracing for stability

Standard control panel specifications:

  • One (1) NEMA 12 electrical control panel
  • Starter with overload protection
  • Light up push buttons
  • Schematic
  • Hour meter
  • Emergency stop button
  • Main line disconnect
  • 480v