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COVID-19 and Respirator Safety

It may seem common sense, but do not allow your operators to share respirators.

With the shortage of half-masks, many are looking for other solutions for their painters. Supplied-Air Respirators (SARs) are a great substitution for negative pressure respirators (standard half-mask).

Clemco has provided excellent information on cleanliness procedures for blast equipment and blast respirators. You can view it here.

The respirators below are our most commonly purchased to replace negative pressure masks:

See our most commonly sold SARs here!

Ditch that Half-Mask!

With the shortage of negative pressure half-mask respirators, many are switching to supplied-air respirators (SAR) for the workers. These types of respirators can be hooked directly to a compressed air source (just like a blast respirator).

One of the newest respirators on the market is the T-Link, you can see more details in the video below.

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RPB Z-Link Coating Respirator

The all NEW RPB Z-link and PX4 Air


The most versatile multi-purpose respirator on the planet. From welding and grinding to chemical handling, the RPB® Z-Link® serves the widest spectrum of industries and applications on the market. More than a product, it’s a system to advance your safety, while increasing your productivity.

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