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Upgrade Your Old Spray Gun: Binks Trophy LVMP

Save $17,000 a year in coating costs!1

On average a conventional spray gun transfers only 45% of your coating to the parts surface. With new LVMP technology, you can increase transfer efficiency up to 20%.

Upgrade your old spray gun with new technology from Binks – the Trophy Series LVMP!

  • Equal or better transfer efficiency at higher air pressures compared to HVLP
  • No more clogging your booth filters and coating your walls with expensive coating
  • Save money on coatings and filters with the increased transfer efficiency
  • Better ergonomics for a more comfortable application
  • Robust design will prolong the life of the gun

See the product page for more information!

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1Assuming 10 gallons of coating per week. For full details see the EPA article: Spray with HVLP Guns and Save