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Steel Shot

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50 lb bags Add Item


Steel Shot is a high carbon, cast steel round media that is hardened and tempered that is used in centrifugal wheel blast machine and also used in applications requiring peening and hardening of critical surfaces.


  • S-110 (.011" dia.), S-170 (.017" dia.), S-230 (.023" dia.), S-280 (.028" dia.), S-330 (.033" dia.), S-390 (.039" dia.), S-460 (.046" dia.)


  • 50 lb bags, 55 gallon drums


The standard part numbers listed are for an M hardness rating. Other hardness ratings are available.

  • M hardness - 90% minimum 495-650 KHN (47-56 HRC)
  • L hardness - 90% minimum 612-754 KHN (54-61 HRC)
  • H hardness - 90% minimum 732 KHN (60 HRC minimum)

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