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RPB 4000-01 Cold Air Tube Breakdown

Item Image Part # Description    
Cold Air Tube Complete 4000-01
Cold Air Tube Complete Add to Cart
Top Threaded Cap 4000-03 Top Threaded Cap Add to Cart
Air Spinner 4000-04 Air Spinner Add to Cart
4000-05 Body 
1/4" Quick Disconnect Tail 4000-06
1/4" Quick Disconnect Tail Add to Cart
Breaker 4000-07 Breaker Add to Cart
Regulator Body 4000-08 Regulator Body Add to Cart
Spindle & Knob 4000-09 Spindle & Knob Add to Cart
Locking Screw 4000-10 Locking Screw Add to Cart
Regulator Assembly 4000-11 Regulator Assembly Add to Cart
Head Shield 4000-12 Head Shield Add to Cart
Belt NV2022 Belt Add to Cart

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